Pride 2019: 1-14 July | Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Pride Talks | Mon 2 July*FULLY BOOKED*


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Pride Talks: Mythbusting LGBT+ | Mon 2 July | Gromit Room, Bristol Student’s Union | 6:30pm | Free

We are busting the myths around LGBT+ people past and present wide open; find out why LGBT+ behaviours are natural, why intersectional groups are important for LGBT+ people and more, with our panel of local experts:

Antonia Forster: What is Natural? LGBTQIA in the Animal Kingdom 
Antonia Forster is an LGBT science presenter with an MSc in Animal Behaviour and published research. Combining her personal experiences and her scientific expertise (with a dash of comedy on top), Antonia is passionate about bringing science to the stage.

Edson Burton: Kiki Bristol, the Importance of Intersectional Identities
Dr Edson Burton is a writer, historian, programme-curator and performer based in Bristol. His academic specialisms include: Bristol and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black History in the USA, Cultural continuities between Africa & the New World.

Jamie Lawson: University of Bristol, Anthropologist and Sexologist
Dr Jamie Lawson’s major research interests are in sex and sexuality, with a particular focus on identity, embodiment and power. An interdisciplinary, queer researcher with a background in quantitative and qualitative research.

Joseph Hartland: Being LGBT+, the importance of being out to health professionals
Dr Joseph Hartland has worked as a Doctor for the past 5 years, graduating from the University of Cardiff. His experiences of being both Doctor and patient while LGBT+ have informed his work.

There will be audience questions and discussion with the panel