Bristol Pride 2021

Pride Day: Sat 10 July

Queer Vision Film Festival

Queer Vision presents a diverse programme of LGBT+ films from around the globe, including independently-made feature, animation and award-winning short films.

Through our curation, we focus on widening engagement and increasing screening opportunities of, and for, LGBT+ films and filmmakers.

After BFI stopped touring the annual LGBT+ film festival, we saw an opportunity to host our own and since then Queer Vision has grown. We now hold regular events and activities outside of Pride Festival, including partnering with national releases of LGBT+ films throughout the year

We’re very proud to partner with IRIS Prize as a  selection partner for their Best of British, in fact, the winner from Bristol in 2018, ‘Beyond: There’s Always a Black Issue, Dear went on to win the competition.

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Queer Vision Film Festival 2020

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 festival moved online.

Partnering with the wonderful Encounters Film Festival,  who hosted us via their online streaming platform, we were able to continue to deliver an exciting programme of LGBT+ films as part of Queer Vision Festival.

Encounters is the UK’s foremost short film and animation festival and an international gateway to the world’s most prestigious film awards including the BAFTAs and Oscars. In 2020, they celebrated the 26th edition of the festival with an exciting programme of exceptional work.

As well as our programme of our Best of British Competition Selection, Best of Iris Prize 2019, and a new collaboration of queer shorts with BFI Network and Encounters, attendees also gained access to the entire Encounters programme through their player.

During the festival, we continued to virtually host other events including introductions, Q&As and several watch parties including the cult hit “But I’m A Cheerleader!”

A special thanks to our Film Festival Partner Triodos who continued to support us to deliver the best LGBT+ films as part of Bristol Pride Festival.

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