2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Peace House

As you may have heard from attending one of our film events we are collecting money to support Peace House.


Inspired by the film Peace of Mind which we showed at Queer Vision in 2016 which told the story of Flo McGarrell and the queer artspaces of Haiti. In the story we found out about Yonel and Peace House. Yonel set up a space where young LGBT+ people in Haiti who have been made homeless due to homophobia can go. He’s the mamma of the house and looks after anyone that needs his help.

We wanted to help support Peace House, where a little money really does go a long way. Last year we raised £760 which has paid for a whole year of rent in a new 2 bedroom house that now has running water and electricity. It is currently home to 13 people.

We were also able to support them with money for food and medicine when the recent hurricane hit the area.

Please support our fundraising if you can


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