2024: 29 June - 14 July


One of Bristol Pride’s core values is minimising our environmental impact. 

We’ve done a lot on this since 2016, introducing reusable cups, recycling bins, compostable serveware, as well as providing taps for festival goers to bring their own bottles. In 2023, we stepped it up, partnering with Futureleap to conduct our first carbon audit, which we have now published on our website. 

The total measured emissions for the 2023 Event were 32.71 Tonnes of CO2 which is an average of just over 1.5kg of CO2 per attendee.

We didn’t get it perfect, and there are some gaps in our data which we will try to fill this year but we are thrilled to have started this journey and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

You can read the full report and explore how Bristol Pride are working towards being an environmentally conscious festival by clicking below. 

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