2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Image from the fillm 'Copy of Longing' of a woman dressed in black looking through a camera.

South West Shorts 2023

Thursday 6 July




Queer Vision is proud to present an eclectic mix of new queer shorts from the UK, including submissions from the South West.

As a partner to Iris Prize, our winning selection from their shortlist goes directly into the finals of the Best British category – we’ll announce their winner on the night!

Filmmakers and those interested in making films are invited to a Speed Networking and drinks event, hosted by the local BFI Network Talent Executives, Nadia and Jess. 

Courteney Tan | UK 2023 | 12.30m

On the night before she returns home, a Malaysian woman finds herself on an impromptu date.

Moments I Saw in Red
Penn Balint | UK 2023 | 2.30m

Experimental short shot on 8mm, exploring trauma, PTSD and synaesthesia.

Phil Wall | UK 2022 | 7m

Sparks fly when Alistair meets Fergus in the woods but must they keep it a secret?

G Flat
Peter Darney | UK 2022  | 17m

84 year old Ceri connects with a young man on Grindr, but what is he really looking for? 

Goodbye Python
Frankie Fox | UK 2023 9m

With his grief healing programme terminated, Kai must shut down a conscious AI. Can he let go?


I Must Trespass
Charlie Parchment | UK 2023  | 1.30m

A Reflection of Queerness in Rural Spaces.

Section 28 and Me
Tom Marshman, Paul Blakemore, Sam Halmarack | UK 2023 | 8.30m

Exploring the lasting impact of Section 28.

The Secret Lives of Lesbians’ Cats
Kate Jessop | UK 2023 1.30m

How do exasperated felines escape from their humans’ relationship dramas?

Leyla Coll-O’Reilly | UK 2022 | 16.30m

16 year old Hannah has a lot to learn on a trial shift at a beauty salon.

Sir Bertil Nilsson  | UK 2023  | 11m

A neurodivergent man is faced with a choice after an encounter at the supermarket.


87mins total running time