2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Butch Bar Mixtapes

Tuesday 4 July

The Cube


Rating: 18+


Butches and transmascs and NBs, oh my!

A selection of shorts exploring butch joy curated by Queer Vision, in partnership with the Bristol Butch Bar.

Campbell X | UK 2017 | 10mins

A dreamy meditation on the desire for transmasc, butch, stud and masculine of centre people

Nails and Beauty
Rhona Foster | UK 2022 | 10mins

A teenage girl blossoms after her transformative day with a beautiful bearded builder.

Ola Adediji | UK 2022 | 10mins

Two exes meet again at a party. Have things changed?

Tow Truck
Kieran Stringfellow | UK 2022 | 14mins

With the wolf at the door, a single parent finds a way to make some cash.

Dippers and Oysters
Kai Fiáin | UK 2022  | 10mins

A Butch / Femme love story between two pickpockets, set in present day London town.

Private View
Sarah Myland | UK 2022 | 17mins

After three years, painter Sadie Lee unveils her portrait of Libro Levi Bridgeman.

Arm Wrestling Championship 2022
Filmed: Rosie Poebright, Edited: Esper Pickering Pick | UK 2022 | 4mins

Get a front row seat at Bristol Butch Bar’s annual arm wrestling championship, celebrating butch strength, solidarity and community.

Morning Ode to My Nonbinary Brown King Body
Leo Aquino | USA 2023 | 1min

A poetic and joyful celebration of the queer body.

Monsieur Le Butch
Jude Dry | USA 2021 | 12mins

Over an intimate haircut, Jude realizes they don’t have to be fully understood to be fully loved.

Butch Up!
Yu-jin Lee | South Korea 2022 | 11mins

Mi-hae has just been dumped twice, by her girlfriend and her band. What next?


101 mins total running time + Interval

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