2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Love Bound

Monday 8 July




Rating: 18 (CTBA)

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From battling homophobia in China to finding love in the UK.

After calling out her university for its homophobic campus environment, bullying from teachers and classmates, and the prominent use of LGBT+ phobic textbooks, activist Qiuyan Chen was catapulted into the spotlight of news headlines worldwide. But this overnight fame also made her a target, as she was outed by her university tutor, and subsequently forced into conversion therapy by her parents. Fleeing to the UK, she met her partner Bling. But when Bling has to return to China, the couple fight to the ends of the earth to reunite.

Shanshan Chen’s incredible documentary Love Bound charts Qiuyan’s personal journey against wider struggles faced by the Chinese-speaking queer diaspora here in the UK; an urgent call for better visibility and supportive action for these communities. 

We are delighted to welcome both Shanshan and Qiuyan to introduce the film and join a post-screening Q&A, hosted by Monica Wat (Made on the Moon).

This screening will be preceded by the short film:

Two Suns
Yuqing Lai | US, China | 2024 | 15 mins
Struggling to reconcile their differences, Frank and Sinan must decide whether to hold on or let go.

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