2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Welcome to Neverland

Sunday 30 June




Rating: 18

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We’re delighted to partner with Queer East for a crowd-pleasing programme of supernatural short films, which challenge cultural understandings of gender and sexuality.

Introduced by Queer East festival director Yi Wang.

Chomp It!
Mark Chua, Lam Li Shuen | Singapore | 2023 | 12min
Two crocodilian men go to a swimming pool to cool off.

Still Life
Sarah Kim | US | 2023 | 15min
Following a car accident, three friends find themselves in a limbo between life and death, but only one of them will return to life on Earth.  

Mom, if I were a Vampire
Deborah Devyn Chuang | Taiwan | 2022 | 17min
Wen vows to be nothing like her disapproving mother. After meeting a cool girl with a rebellious attitude, Wen’s infatuation leads her down a rabbit hole. 

Wegen Hegel
Popo Fan | Germany | 2023 | 13min
Philosophy student Ping meets Max through online dating, and is invited for a ‘socially-distanced hookup’ during lockdown. Until a certain book ruins their plans…

Fish Boy
Christopher Yip | Canada | 2023 | 11min
When 16-year-old Patrick is forced to choose between his love for God and his fluid sexuality, self-discovery manifests in the skin. 

Their Universe
Han Jeong-gil | South Korea | 2023 | 16min
Jun, who passed away in an accident a year ago, returns to Earth as a ghost to say goodbye to his lover, Hyun, while his parents mourn their son’s passing.

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