Pride 2019: 1-14 July | Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Parade March | City Centre


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The Parade March is an integral part of what Pride is about, after all the first ever Pride events where just marches so join us to celebrate Pride loud and proud! Over 12000 of you joined us last year for a bold statement for equality and diversity, to celebrate our community and to show that hatred and prejudice has no place in our city, or anywhere. This year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the birth of the Pride movement around the world. This along with our own 10th-anniversary celebrations means we want even more people to join the parade this year. Let’s remember where we’ve come from, celebrate where we are and keep fighting for a future of true equality for all.

The parade will remain in the city centre with free travel on First Bus and a free shuttle service from the parade end for everyone with a Pride Supporter wristband.

We’ve seen tough times for communities at home and overseas and Pride is a chance to remind us the prejudice and hatred have no place in our city or society. We’ve seen horrific incidents take place overseas and backwards steps on hard fought changes in policy overturned. Let’s be a beacon for those many who cannot be out in their countries, to the 77 countries that ban homosexuality and offer lengthy prison sentences, to the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death and to all those where people have been driven to suicide by bullying or entrapment – sadly some of these are EU countries.

We aim to raise our visibility and to celebrate our own diversity, we want you to come as yourself and for the parade to showcase and celebrate the L, G, B, T, + everything in-between and beyond. We have a wonderfully diverse community but sometimes it’s difficult for some of our community to have a voice or to be seen, Pride is your time to shine. This year we are proud to be working with KIKI and St Paul’s to celebrate LGBT+ PoC and have a walking block in the parade to celebrate the intersectionality of our community. To be part of this group or to get more info get in touch via

Even the parade costs money but we want to keep the parade a free event for the public to enter so we ask all businesses and corporate organisations wishing to take part in the parade that have not booked a stall or sponsored Pride to make a donation to us. Email us on

We keep our costs and pollution down by NOT having vehicles in the parade. vehicles would struggle with the route anyway, you can still create impact and flair by organising a walking group: make outfits, bring banners and even make a walking float you can push along.