Pride 2019: 1-14 July | Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Hate Crime

In 2016 Pride will launch a city wide campaign to help raise awareness of Hate Crime, how to report it and why it’s so important to report Hate Crime.

Street Markers will appear across the city as we aim to raise awareness of Hate Crime. What a Hate Crime is and how to report it. Hate Crime is happening but is being under reported.

Please make sure you report Hate Crime. You can do this by calling Bristol Hate Crime Services via SARI on 0800 171 2272 or by calling 1o1. If it is an emergency or happening now call 999.

If you prefer to report online you can email Bristol Hate Crime Services on

It’s important to report Hate Crime so there can be a clearer picture of what is happening and to prevent it from happening again or to others. It will be taken seriously but you don’t have to follow up or press charges if you don’t want to do so.

What is Hate Crime?
It’s a crime motivated by prejudice against a person because of their: ethnicity or race, disability (including mental health & learning difficulties), sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or belief, age, gender, marital or pregnancy status.

It can take many forms
Physical attack, like hitting. Name calling, verbal abuse or bad gestures. Threats, harassment, intimidation or humiliation. Vandalism or damage to your property. Nasty letters or graffiti and increasingly in our digital age: abusive emails, cyber-bullying and trolling.

Hate crime affects the individual in every area of their life, work, school and home. You may feel guilty, humiliated and too embarrassed to complain. It can also lead to emotional and physical symptoms such as a loss of confidence, sleep and even cause headaches.

People may feel isolated and vulnerable, angry or frustrated, finding yourself on the wrong side of the law by trying to protect yourself or feel like retaliating but afraid of reprisals.

You may feel hated by others, feel afraid to go outside, or if you have a family stopping children from going out.

Hate Crime can cause emotional/mental stress, cause difficulty with daily activities, concentrating or remember things. You may also  experience ‘flashbacks’ to the incident or have nightmares.

Why is there under-reporting?
We want to raise awareness of reporting but why are people not reporting?

Studies show that perhaps people don’t want to report as they don’t want the hassle or that perhaps it will go away if I ignore it. People might fear repercussions, be seen as a troublemaker or feel nothing is going to be done anyway.

Especially within the LGBT+ community there is a sense that this is ‘normal’ and people just get used to it.