Pride 2017: 30-9 July | Pride Day: Sat 8 July

Pride Parade | Castle Park – Harbourside | Departs 11am

The Pride Parade is such an integral part of what Pride is. The first Pride events were just marches and a chance for people to come together and raise their voice. Something we still need to do today, so let’s all come together and march through Bristol proudly and visibly! Over 6000 people joined us in 2016 to make a stand for diversity & equality and to show that prejudice has no place in our city.

The Pride Parade is also our chance to be a beacon for those many who cannot be out in their countries, to the 77 countries that ban homosexuality and offer lengthy prison sentences, to the 10 countries where homosexuality is punished by death and to all those where people have been driven to suicide by bullying or entrapment – sadly some of these are EU countries.

The theme this year is Global Voice, we want to tackle the prejudice and hate that is here on our doorstep but we also march for those around the world who cannot. We must raise our voices for those who cannot and we must show those who are oppressed and live in fear of imprisonment or death that they are not alone.

So join us to showcase and celebrate your community, the L, G, B, T, + everything in-between & beyond. We have a wonderfully diverse community but sometimes it’s difficult for some of our community to have a voice or to be seen, Pride is your time to shine.

Parade Route

This year we gather in Castle Park before heading off to our new home in the Bristol Amphiteatre and atBristol’s Millennium Sq. Our planned route may be subject to minor last minute changes due to the Metro Bus Works in the city. Which may also mean there are roadworks in place.

The route is 2 miles long and will take about 1 hour to complete. We have tried to reduce the amount of hills we take (not easy in Bristol) but those with restricted mobility or wheelchair users may struggle with the first loop around Cabot Circus, due to hills, but can join us as we pass Castle Park again. If you have an access questions please contact us on

At Bristol Pride we are proud to be a little different and we don’t charge people to be part of this vital and visible celebration. We do this by working hard and not having vehicles in the parade which means we are able to keep disruption and costs for having a parade to a minimum otherwise we would have to restrict entry and start to charge. You can still organise your group, make outfits and why not make a walking float you can push along. We’re are proud to work towards the city wide objectives and policy to reduce emissions in the city centre.

We welcome absolutely everyone that values equality to come and join us or even just come to watch and cheer us on whilst enjoying the flair, fabulous outfits, colourful characters and of course our fabulous 50-metre rainbow flag

Even the Parade costs us money, more and more every year, but we want to keep it FREE for the public to enter. We do however ask all corporate and large organisation wishing to take part in the Parade that haven’t sponsored or booked a stall at Pride Day to contribute toward the costs of the parade in order to keep the Parade happening and be an open event for all.

In 2016 Aviva, Dyson, Lloyds Banking Group, Nandos, Network Rail and The NUT did just and joined our Sponsors and members of the public in the Parade.
Please email – book by the 19 May and we will be able to list you in the programme.

We love to have organisations join us to march for equality but we need organisations to register with us so we can ensure correct licencing and stewarding.

Lastly we ask organisation not to flyer as this causes large amounts of litter. Why not get stickers made, give away edible treats or reusable gifts.