2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July


Our Sustainability Policy

With environmental consideration as one of our core values, Bristol Pride considers the sustainability of our events to be of the utmost importance and something we’re passionate about.

We’ve worked hard to assess, implement, and improve a well-rounded Green Action Plan. The goal of this is to make sure we are doing as much as possible to create a conscious, sustainable event and striving to improve our relationship with nature and Earth. Our thanks to our Sustainability Partner UWE Bristol who are supporting our actions to reduce our carbon footprint. Future Leap who will be joining us this year to audit our carbon footprint and develop and action plan.

Bristol Pride is very proud to be part of the Energy Revolution initiative. This Bristol based charity works hard to offset event carbon emissions. Our Pride attendees will be encouraged to make a small donation towards offsetting the CO2 produced from traveling to and from the event. All these donations are then invested directly into renewable energy sources.


You can view our 2023 Sustainability impact assessment here. 


We love public transport at Bristol Pride, that’s why we make sure that anyone with a Supporter Wristband can use First Bus for free travel on Pride Day to get to and from the Parade and Festival site on the Downs. We’re encouraging everyone to take advantage of this great offer as there is no on-site parking available at Bristol Pride. Great recent developments have also meant that all buses used to transport Pride attendees will be Euro 6 compliant and some will even be powered with bio fuel!

Maybe you fancy riding an electric Scooter to Bristol Pride? These electric scooters are available all over the city and are a fun and environmentally friendly way to visit us. If you want to cycle your own bike to Bristol Pride, there is plenty of bike parking available on the downs too.

First Bus

Energy Consumption

It takes some power to throw our Pride Weekend, that’s why we make sure to produce an accurate power spec to reduce overuse of energy. This basically means we aren’t wasting more power than we need. Also, all the generators and lights we use will be powered using Biofuel.

Water Usage

We have officially banned the sale of plastic water bottles from our bars! It can get pretty hot during the summer months on The Downs, so we have installed water points at all toilet blocks so we encourage everyone to bring an empty reusable water bottle that can be refilled onsite and this helps to reduce plastic waste. All the water that comes from the taps around the site comes directly from the mains, meaning no water gets transported to the Festival site and is perfectly safe to drink.

Canned water and free tap water in reusable cups will be available from the onsite bars.

Food & Drink

We have some fantastic food and drink available at Bristol Pride, and want to make sure this is done with the best environmental choices too. All of our traders serve their food in wood or paper packaging, ensuring that no non-biodegradable waste is left behind.

Food waste is a global problem, which is why we provide accurate information to our suppliers and traders, so that they can plan efficiently and food doesn’t go to waste. All food traders will offer delicious vegetarian and vegan options too.

We have introduced a reusable cup scheme across all of our bars. We’ve done this to stop littering and make sure we don’t have any disposable cups at Bristol Pride. We have banned plastic straws, but understand that some people need them - just ask and bar staff can provide you with alternative straws.

Waste & Single use

We love being at our home of Durdham Downs on Pride Day, and want to make sure we all look after it well - that’s why we work with Bristol Waste to sort and recycle all recyclable waste to ensure as little as possible ends up in landfill. We have litter pickers helping us keep the Downs clear of any litter, with the team returning in the following days to ensure nothing is left to harm the environment.

When it comes to avoiding single-use items, we're working hard to ensure minimal usage of disposable items. We don't sell plastic bottles, all drinks are either served in recyclable cans or with our reusable cup scheme. As well as serving from paper or wood packaging none non of our food traders will use plastic cutlery either, so wooden cutlery will be provided. Similarly, plastic straws have been banned, though alternatives are offered for those who need them.

How can you be a sustainable Pride attendee?

So that’s what we do to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible, but what about those joining us? Here’s some ways you can help be a sustainable pride-goer.

- Bring a reusable water bottle to refill onsite (let's stay hydrated when dancing).
- Avoid glitter, get creative with face paints or mineral shimmers instead.
- Don’t be a litterbug. There's just no need! There are plenty of bins onsite where waste will be sorted
- Get to Pride using public transport (Firstbus travel is free with your Supporter Wristband)
- Planning a killer look? Raid the charity shops before you buy something new.
- If you're a smoker, make sure you use the waste bins provided to bin that butt.
- Donate to Bristol based carbon offsetting charity, Energy Revolution Initiative when picking up your supporter wristband.

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