2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Virtually Queer

Virtually Queer

29 June - 7 July

Limina: The Virtual Reality Theatre


Rating: 13+


Experience LGBT+ content like never before

Virtual Reality takes us to spaces and places we cannot visit, bringing us intimate moments of connection with people we could never meet. As a medium that transports us into the Virtual, VR allows us the perspective to question what Reality is – what are the given rules of the world and how do these virtual worlds depart from them.

The works represented in this series, curated by Tessa Ratuszynska, are the investigations of LGBT+ VR filmmakers, showcasing the voices of LGBT+ contributors, that challenge the norm, imagine and celebrate other ways of being, and remind us why a fight against the oppressive reality of heteronormativity is still so important today.

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