Pride 2020: 1-12 Sept

Image of the 2019 Parade

Virtual Parade March

Sat 12 Sept



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The Parade March is an integral part of what Pride is, so our Virtual Parade will be a special part of our online festival in September.

Join us to celebrate, be visible, be loud and be proud.

The parade march is a bold statement for equality and diversity, to celebrate our community and to show that hatred and prejudice have no place in our city, or anywhere. We want our virtual event to be no different so get creative, wave those flags, make banners and placards (no swear words please!) and let’s raise our virtual voices as we continue to fight for true equality for all.

Let’s remember where we’ve come from, celebrate where we are and keep fighting for a future of true equality for all.

The virtual parade will be streamed on Saturday 12 Sept and you can submit an entry to be part of it from the 11 July so get your Pride outfits on and record your images/videos and you’ll get to celebrate twice!

Would you have been hula hooping in the parade? Carry on! Or you could wave the LGBT+ flag that showcases your identity and community. Take a picture of you with your banner just like you would on the streets or show off that incredible Pride outfit and look you had planned.

Check out our Virtual Parade webpages for more information, top tips on filming and how to make a submission.

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