2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Pride Parade March 2023

Saturday 8 July

Castle Park (Band Stand)

Free / Business Registration

This is our 2023 Event details

Join us in a bold celebration and protest for equality and diversity, to visibly celebrate our community and show that hatred and prejudice has no place in our city. 

We’ve still not seen the ban on conversion therapy and there are continued attacks on the human rights act and on the trans community. We must remember that while progress has been made the LGBT+ community still have to keep fighting for equal rights, for all, and we also have to fight to maintain the rights that we have. At a time when visibility for our community is key, let’s come together and be louder and prouder than ever.

This year we are excited to unveil our new Pride Flag for the march, it’s our biggest ever flag which seems fitting now the Parade numbers are bigger than ever. Gather at the Band Stand end of Castle Park from 10am and and we’ll depart at 10.45am and head through the city centre, then onwards to the Amphitheatre where our shuttle buses run to The Downs.

It’s free for members of the public to join the parade but all businesses who are not already a Pride Partner or Supporter need to register and make a small financial contribution to take part, to support us making it happen. Visit bristolpride.co.uk/parade for eligibility and to register.

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