2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July


Until 17 March



Rating: 15


The first film ever to receive Oscar® nominations for Best Documentary, Best Animated Film and Best International Film all in one year, Flee is a testament to friendship, family and acceptance.

Formed through a series of interviews between Danish filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen and his school friend Amin Nawabi (a pseudonym), Flee is a compelling film that contemplates the meaning of home. Vibrant animation paints the story of Amin’s departure from what had been a happy childhood in 1980s Kabul, to escaping attacks from the Mujahedeen as a refugee, to making his current life as a successful academic in Denmark.

As he prepares to take the next step in his commitment to long-term partner Kasper, Amin recalls his former fears of persecution and how there wasn’t a word for homosexuality in Afghanistan. Until now, Amin has never shared his full story, for a secret threatens to destabilise the life he has built…

Presented in partnership with Watershed

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