2024: 29 June - 14 July

Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Best of Iris: Trans Shorts

Wed 6 July



Rating: 15


This year we are excited to bring an extra selection of the Best of Iris with this incredible collection of Trans short films showcasing bravery, hardship but also acceptance and love.

God’s Daughter Dances (12A) | 24m

A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to attend for the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything in readiness, takes her steps to the Military Manpower Administration.

Pop (15) | 21m
Iris Prize Best British 2021 HIGHLY COMMENDED    

Jack is a young boy exploring his own identity when he befriends a recently released ex-convict, Pop. The pair bond, but Pop’s past and his inability to control his emotions threaten to put Jack in danger.

BIRTHDAY BOY (15) | 20m
COOP Audience Award for best Iris Prize Short

Experiencing bullying at a private all girls school Alex lives a double life in online games, where he feels he can express his true identity. Excitedly planning a digital birthday party, the bullying takes a violent turn and we experience these tragic events through memories as he reflects from a hospital bed. Despite hardship, ultimately this is a film about acceptance, with an uplifting narrative that positively portrays a trans character.

Tickets for these shorts are also offered as part of a double-bill with the film Death and Bowling which will begin at 7 pm after a short break. Double-bill tickets are discounted at only £5/8.50/11.


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