Pride 2019: 1-14 July | Pride Day: Sat 13 July

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Pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT+ rights movements throughout the world.

Bristol Pride is also a chance to celebrate our community. Organised by members of the LGBT+ community Pride is the chance for all LGBT+ people, their friends, families and allies to stand up and declare they are proud of who they are and their loved ones.

Bristol Pride is a registered charity (1166817) organised by volunteers from the community. We work all year round to challenge homophobia and promote equality and diversity, for all, through various events, school visits, consultation services and lobbying – check out our Project Work page for more info.

As an organisation our mission is to focus on these issues:

To bring the community together to celebrate, create understanding, opportunities for engagement and to tackle discrimination. We also want to create safe and positive events and opportunities for younger people to connect with the established community

To challenge hearts and minds and to be a beacon of positive social diversity both here in the UK and for those 77 countries where it is still illegal to be LGBT

To not only help shape policy and procedure but to engage in the local and wider political landscape to not only further but to also maintain human right for LGBT communities everywhere

Bristol Pride is an annual free festival held in the heart of Bristol to celebrate the LGBT communities. We believe Pride should remain a free and accessible event for all to attend, not just those that can afford it, to ensure we reach all of the community and promote social cohesion. We do this (and can only do this) by working with our sponsors and partners to help fund the festival, by asking for your kind donations and working long hours all year round to make Pride happen.

Please get a supporter wristband if you can to help keep Pride happening.

Many other Pride events our size have teams of full time paid staff. We have 1 person who works (more than) full time of Pride and is paid for 14 hours a week from our. We have also recently been granted 2 years funding from the Bristol Cultural Investment Programme. As well as investing in our Access and infrastructure, part of this funding is for 7 hours a week of development work to look at Pride’s future as we approach our 10th year and a critical juncture for the festival.

Bristol Pride is a free event and we are a not-for-profit charity so we’re not about making money. We rely on a lot of goodwill from artists, performers and you. Your donations and support enable Pride to happen, support our year-round work challenging homophobia in schools and businesses and whoever else will have us.

Who We Are:
There are a lot of people involved in making Pride happen, from venue owners and the staff asking their businesses to get involved right through to directors and business owners keen to show their support, pride and commitment to equality and diversity in Bristol.

Pride is organised by volunteers from the LGBT+ community who bring along their skills, experience and passion to Pride in between their day jobs. Just some of team:

Daryn CarterDaryn J Carter
Working in equality & diversity for over 16 years Daryn worked as a Recruitment Manager at BBC Bristol and BBC Monitoring before leaving in 2009 to help make Pride happen and follow a passion to actually make a difference. With vast experience in running events, marketing and the ability to juggle (a lot) Daryn is a freelance Marketing Manager who can often be found running events, training workshops, working with corporate partners and dancing to 80s music.


FreddieFreddie Daw
Communities Director
A job title won’t do justice. Pride trustee and coordinator of the community area and other stalls at Pride, he also pitches in with anything and everything that’s thrown at him. Freddie is another person who has been with us for a few years ing started volunteering with Pride when he was Social Secretary for the LGBT Soc at Bristol University where he graduated in Animal Welfare & Behaviour which must be where he learnt how to herd cats.



Jayne Graham-Cummings
Artist Liaison
Jayne has helped with Pride for several years starting off managing events and coordinating volunteers. Spending the last few years making the Queer Vision film festival happen Jayne now focuses on our Green Room and is a Trustee of the charity. Keeping calm under pressure, utilising her fantastic skills and warm personality Jayne is also our main stage Artist Liaison on Pride Day.


Partner Manager
We somehow how managed to rope John in to help with Pride having only just arrived in Bristol from Australia. Keen to get stuck in and get to know the community John liaises with our many organisations who offer their support and funding to Pride.



Logistics & Site Coordinator
Yet another superstar and unsung hero from Pride.
David has helped with Pride for many years and been instrumental in managing our onsite logistics.

Trustee to the charity, David asks the challenging questions, works across all site teams, planning and….. meddling!


Cabaret Queen
Aled came on board in 2013 after we managed to find the funding to bring back the Cabaret Stage, a much-loved element of Bristol Pride Day. One of our own Bristol Scene Queens you can often catch Aled or his alter ego Miss Beaver. Not afraid to be a little gobby when it comes to fundraising Aled coordinates drag artists from all over the UK to perform in Bristol.


Paperwork, Gaming and Green Room
Pete has been volunteering with us on Pride Day for a few years and is the custodian of the energy drinks, sweets and grapes in our Green Room for artists and performers. Pete also passionate about gaming so is naturally the perfect person to help us coordinate our LGBT+ gaming event during Bristol Pride Week.


Volunteer Coordinator

The newest edition to our Pride Team, so much so we’ve not had the chance to take a team photo yet! Coordinating our Pride Day Volunteers and looking at our longer term strategy and policies. Fun Stuff! Part of our Cultural Investment Programme, she works on Pride 5hrs a week and will be with us for a few months.


Parade Manager

Another new person to join the team. As our parade grows in size we need even more stewards and Gabriella is the one to coordinate them all. Another part of our Cultural Investment Programme, she works on Pride 5hrs a week and will be with us for a few months.


Youth Coordinator
As a Youth and Community Worker – for LGBT Young People at Bristol City Council who better placed to help us coordinate our Youth Area at Pride than Mitch. She helps liaise with youth organisations to ensure participation and representation at Pride as well as making a fun and engaging space for young people.


Number Cruncher
Matt is our volunteer accountant, he’s an ever watchful eye and lover of the spreadsheet! Matt is volunteering to help us keep track of incoming and the LOTS of outgoings for Pride.

Pride costs thousands of pounds to put on with lots of costs you may not think of like the toilets, staging, equipment, fencing and security so we need to know where the money to pay for this is going to come from especially when running a free festival.

Education and Outreach Hero
Having studied Maths & Physics at Bristol Uni, and been president of their LGBT society, Ross went on to do a PGCE and confronted homophobia in schools with a project on bullying. Continuing this work with the Diversity In Schools project Ross brings with him 1st-hand knowledge of homophobia and bullying in schools –which we are committed to standing up to.

Special thanks to David from Liquid Lizard design for our wonderful branding and Hayley who is whipping our design work into shape.