Pride 2019: 1-14 July | Pride Day: Sat 13 July

Pride Day Champions


We need lots of stewards on Pride Day, to help collect donations from people as they come into the festival and exchange wristbands.

We want to keep Pride a free event for all to attend but can only do this if people donate, and are asked for a donation so we need you, our Pride Champions to help ensure Pride can keep happening.

Collect Donations and Wristband Exchange
Everyone who volunteers gets a free limited edition Pride lanyard and anyone who does more then 1 shift gets a free Pride Day Wristband.

Shift Times:
1130am -2pm – This is when we need the most volunteers
1pm – 3pm (arrive at 1245 for a briefing)
3pm – 5pm (arrive at 245 for a briefing)
5pm – 7pm (arrive at 445 for a briefing)
7pm – 9pm (arrive at 645 for a briefing)