Pride 2018: 6-15 July | Pride Day: Sat 14 July

Bag Searches

July 4, 2017

There will be bag searches in place at Bristol Pride.
These are in place for your safety but will mean that queues take a little longer than expected. Please be understanding, this is for your safety.

If you don’t need to bring a bag with you then don’t bring one. This will help speed up entry.

Remember there is restriction on the alcohol you bring onto site:
1L Tetra (no glass) of Wine or
4x Cans of beer/cider or
6x Cans of premix Spirit+Mixer
You can only bring alcohol onsite it you have a supporter wristband.

There is a zero tolerance policy to drugs and any one with drugs found will be treated with normal enforcement laws and the police will be called.
Legal’ highs are also not permitted onsite. No NOS is allowed. Anyone found with NOS it will be assumed you intend to supply which is illegal.