Pride 2018: 5-15 July | Pride Day: Sat 14 July

Lydia L’Scabies

May 27, 2014

Self proclaimed ‘Queen Flea’ of Brighton, this theatrically motivated, sexually charged bed bug has been wailed at in terror and delight across the UK since her conception in 2013.

This parasite princess has supported the likes of David Hoyle, Joe Black and Kate Nash as well as supporting stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race at The Powder Room in Brighton.

Lydia can be found in many a haunt from clubs, theatres and award winning burlesque festivals alike, she bagged the title ’Most Imaginative Performer’ at Brighton Burlesque Festival where she was also nominated for ‘Best Club Personality’, ‘Best Drag Entertainer’ and ‘Best Gender Bender.’

Make sure you bring your own towel, sharing with this one is certainly not caring!

t: @lydialscabies